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The PARMINA collection stands out for its unique tile surface. The micro-granilla used gives an intriguing effect of a  frozen, frosted surface. The collection includes two 29.8 × 59.8 cm tiles: plain white and textured. The textured tile with its wavy pattern shimmers and sparkles when exposed to light, while the smooth tile gently tones it down. The collection is complemented and enhanced by a porcelain stoneware tile with a light wood pattern in 14.7 × 89 cm board format and a shiny silver border with a size of 1 × 59.8 cm. The PARMINA collection is extremely flexible. The colour of white dusted with snowy frost offers many design possibilities. In combination with grey concrete, gold accessories and powder pink elements, it creates a glamorous effect. With wood-like tile flooring in a perfect light wood pattern and natural accessories, it gives the room a boho feel. With black fittings and a modern mirror – we get a modern bathroom.

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