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FARISA is a sensual, romantic and natural, yet expressive collection. It consists of a variety of tiles in 29.8 × 59.8 cm format. White, with a unique new relief paste effect that creates a textured, delicate pattern of cherry blossoms on its surface, clearly felt under your fingertips – this is the decorative basis for the entire collection. The 3D nature of this design is further highlighted and emphasised by the bathroom lighting. A smooth white tile with a satin finish perfectly complements the floral pattern, while a dark satin navy blue tile provides a strong backdrop for the sensual, feminine collection. The collection is complemented by a shiny metal border (1 × 59.8 cm) and a wood-effect floor tile in a natural brown (14.7 × 89 cm). The bathroom design possibilities using elements from the FARISA collection are amazingly diverse. You can create a romantic interior by choosing furnishings in powder pink. A more sensual interior with a slightly stronger atmosphere can be created by using navy blue accessories. An ascetic, minimalist space can be achieved if the collection is complemented with black.

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